There are great shows throughout the province of Quebec. Whether you are in the greater Montreal area, Quebec City or Gatineau or anywhere else in QC, look below to see available shows for you to attend.

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MONTREAL has some of the best comedy audiences in the world. People come to a show, ready to laugh. The biggest comedy festival in the world, Just For Laughs, owes much of its continued success to this exciting and lively city. The following are links for continuous shows.

Improv Links:
Montreal Improv

Sunday Night Improv

Improv College

Montreal Corporate Events

Comedy Clubs:
The Comedy Ville

The Comedy Nest

Just for Laughs

QUEBEC CITY was first colonized in 1608. Also, in that area, explorer Jacques Cartier also misinterpreted his Iroquois hosts to name the entire country Canada. Perhaps that explains their sense of humor. Even though Quebec City is primarily a French-speaking city, it’s also a huge travel destination and there are amazing attractions and sites for English speakers.

Morrin: Yes And Speed Improv

Quebec City Corporate Events

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We remember those who have helped to make the comedy landscape what it is today.

Improv Comedy


Improvisational comedy has been a great way for people to bond and to see something that only the people in the room can share. The show couldn't be repeated even if the performers tried to.

Stand-up Comedy


The traditional form of comedy where someone literally stand-up before an audience. The comedian tells stories and jokes to entertain while possibly speaking towards a specific theme.



Find locations around the province where you might find comedy. This can include cities, towns, and areas in various regions. These can include public shows and private parties.



Learn a bit of the vocabulary used by comedians to communicate with one another. It can help you understand the process and the people who have chosen comedy as a vocation.